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Lacrosse Protective Gear

Protective Cups and Supoorters for Lacrosse

Athletic cups are an essential piece of Lacrosse protective equipment and paired with an athletic supporter from XO, they provided unbeatable comfort, protection, and piece of mind. 

Mouth Pieces for Lacrosse

The XO Athletic I.D. Mouthguard comes in both a convertible tether and strapless style to fit the preference of every and any Lacrosse athlete. 

Heart Protectors for Lacrosse

Similarly to baseball, young lacrosse players are at risk to a condition known as commito cordis due to high velocity impacts to the chest wall which  can stop the heart. Lacrosse players typically are at decreased risk due to the other lacrosse protective gear they wear, but sometimes this protection is simply not enough. The XO HeartShield provides additional protection and security for young athletes.