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Hockey Protective Gear

Hockey Cups and Supporters

There are few things as effective in motiving the use of an athletic cup for hockey as much as the end of a hockey stick, or the bottom of a hockey skate. XO Athletic offers hockey specific supports packed with either the ProCup Sports cup, or the X-Series Protective Cup. XO Hockey supporters all feature the new XO SmartJOC™ cup stabilizing system which is built right into every hockey specific pair of athletic supporter offered. XO Athletic hockey specific loose jocks and compression shorts, built only with hockey players and their needs in mind. In addition to these offerings, XO also offers traditional jock and brief style supporters. 

Mouthguards for Hockey

Mouthguards are an essentiall piece of Hockey protective gear and should be used by athletes regardless of their level of play. XO Athletic offers a series of convertible tether mouthguards which can attach to any hockey helmet with a strap, yet be pulled off and reattached later, when needed. 

Heart Protectors for Hockey

Similarly to baseball, young hockey players are at risk to a condition known as commito cordis due to high velocity impacts from a hockey puck to the chest wall which stops the heart. Hockey players are at less risk due to the increased protection they recieve from normal hockey protective gear, but sometimes this is not enough. For additional heart protection for your young athlete, XO recommends every young hockey player wear an XO HeartShield which helps redirect impact energy away from the heart, helping to prevent injury.