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Heart Impact Protection

Heart protection is an often overlooked area for protection among junior baseball and softball players. The sternum and rib cages of young players are not fully developed until the mid teens, and these players are susceptible to direct impact blows to the chest from a baseball or softball that can be possibly fatal. While not a traditional piece of baseball equipment, a heart guard helps to protect the chest area of young baseball athletes by absorbing or dispersing impact energy.

The XO HeartShield was designed from the ground up to disperse impact energy and protect athletes - helping to prevent commito cordis and other chest related injuries. These baseball heart protectors have been lab tested to reduce impact up to 53% on average and are built so your young all-star won't even realize he's wearing it. While heart shields for baseball are not yet mandatory equipment, XO strongly urges all young athletes to wear one and protect themselves as much as possible.

X0 chest impact protection for young athletes
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