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Baseball Cups and Supporters

Every baseball player knows, an athletic cup is an essential piece of baseball equipment, espesially for infield players. Baeball athletic supporters are most often wore in the form of compression or sliding shorts. XO Athletic offers normal baseball compression shorts, and compression shorts which feature its patented SmartJOC™ cup stabilizing system. Beyond simply offering compression short style supporters XO also offers traditional jock, brief, and boxer brief style support garments. It is extremely important to frind an athletic supporter that your young athlete is willing to wear and be comfortable in.

Baseball Chest Protector

Heart Protectors for Baseball

Baseball heart protectors help to protect young athletes from a possibly fatal impact related condition known as commotio cordis, a possible lethal disruption of the heart rhythm. This condition affects young athletes due to their still strengthing chest walls. XO Athletic has developed the HeartSheild, which redirects energy away from the heart, helping prevent this condition. XO recommends all younger baseball athletes to wear a chest protector during baseball games and practices.