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XO Athletic sports gear includes protective athletic equipment for baseball, football, hockey, lacrosse, MMA, softball, martial arts, wrestling, rugby, basketball, and just about any sport where added protection is a good thing. XO started by producing top of the line athletic cups and supporters, but expanded into sport and area specific sports gear - going so far as to develop a truely unique heart protector, the XO HeartShield, for sports with high impact projectiles. Every piece of XO Athletic gear is not only researched, designed, and tested for their strength and durability, but comfort is also of supreme importance as can be seen in every product. 



Baseball is the national pastime of the United States and played by all ages the country over. Keep yourself and your loved ones protected when they play with protective baseball gear including the XO HeartShield, XO I.D. Mouthguard, and several lines of athletic cups..


Baseball may be the national pasttime, but football is a game many American's consider closest to their hearts. Beyond offer mouthguards for football, which are required for all levels of play, XO also offer other protective football gear including the ProCup Sports Cup, X-Series protective cup, and athletic supporter compression garments of all styles - jock, brief, boxer brief, and compression short.


To mee the unique needs of hockey protective equipment, XO Hockey features technology to make their athletic cups and hockey jocks the best available today. Find loose hockey jocks, compression hockey supporters, athletic cups, heart protectors, and more!


While not quite as popular as more traditional sports - Lacrosse is fast becoming popular in townships, high schools, and colleges everywhere. Lacrosse players benefit from protective cups, athletic supporters, mouthguards, and heart protectors due to the high velocity at which a lacrosse ball is thrown and contact on the field. 



Mixed martial arts, which combines the techniqueas of striking, grappling, and submissions. MMA has become popular the world over and spawned its own unique line of MMA protective gear. XO Athletic offers MMA specific athletic supporters in terms of their specially designed fight shorts, as well as traditional groin protection and mouthguards for MMA.