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XO Athletic not only supports athletic protection covering a gammet of sports-- XO Athletic offer sports protective gear that are comfortable and a genuine fit for all ages: Youth, Teens and Adults. Whether you are a parent introducing your young one into a sport,, a teen getting ready for batting practicing, or simply a sport enthusiast prepping for your next game; XO Athletics offers the revolutionary athletic protection gear for all ages. From mouthguards to official XO Athletic sports tote bags, and everything in between, we have you covered! 


Whether playing a competitve or leisure sport activity, our little ones require optimal sports protection equipment more than ever. XO Athletic sport equipment for ages 5-12 offers a selection of cups, briefs to mouth guards & chest protection perfect for any sports activity your little ones participate in. 


The U.S. National Council of Youth Sports reported more than 49 million kids engage in at least one sport. More so, once a youth reaches middle school or high school, their affinity towards a sport may intensify, from a leisure activity to more competitive training. With this in mind, XO Athletics offers teen boys & girls, sports protection gear for chest, facial & lower torso coverage. Browse and choose from a variety of products today.  


Chances are, if you are a sports weekend warrior or a professional athlete, your schedule involves around fitness, training and daily exercise. Just as coordinating your fitness routine is important for overall health and wellness, selecting the right sports gear protection is as crucial. XO Athletics successfully considered & developed sports gear that covered the three essentials: make it protect better, feel comfortable and look great.