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Athletic Jock Straps

The jockstrap is the original athletic supporter. Invented in 1874 to help bicyclist navigating rough cobblestone streets in Boston and other cities, the jockstrap wouldn't enter the sports arena for 53 years when it was paired with a hard-cup for groin protection. The athletic jock strap has the advantage of keeping the wearer more comfortable, supported, and cooled than any other athletic supporter available today. Jock strap supporters for sports include a lined pouch or pocket where the cup can be inserted and held in place. The XO jock uses a modern design - a mesh support pouch for a protective cup and elastic waistband with two elastic straps supports, which wrap around the hips. XO Jocks are designed to worn directly - or more comfortably, over top of brief or boxer style underwear.

XO Athletic brand supporters are available in white with a black elastic waist band which features the XO logo. Every pouch employs hydrawick fabric which helps reduce irritation, bacteria accumulation, and odor by wicking away sweat. Jockstrap supports from XO are available in small, medium, large, extra large, and XXL sizes. The XO jockstrap is available for purchase as a stand alone product, or with inclusion of the ProCup Sports Cup. If you aren't sure that the jockstrap is the correct supporter garment for you, please visit our page on selecting the best supporter style to match your comfort level.

Teen ProCup with Supporter Ideal size for young adults 13-17
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