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What good is buying a protective cup if it doesn't stay in place? None!

What good is buying a protective cup and and supporter if it never gets worn? None!

While designing and patenting specalized cup stablizing technology, the SmartJoc, XO Athletic sought to address these common cup problems, espesially among young athletes. By offering a full and varied line of supporter styles and integrating the most dynamic cup retention technology on the market XO has a cup and supporter to suit an athlete's taste. 


Jock Strap Supporter

Jock Strap Athletic Supporter

The jockstrap has survived the test of time and become synonymous with athletic supporters. Originally invented for cyclist, the jock support has evolved to help provide lift and support and can be worn with or without a protective cup. This traditional style has recently fallen out of favor with younger athletes in favor of compression short style supporters. For young athletes XO recommends exploring brief, boxer brief, and compression short style supporters, each built with a cup pouch, before settling on the jock.

Brief Athletic Supporter

Brief Style Supporters

Athletic briefs take men's briefs and add a supportive pouch for holding an athletic cup during competitive sports. The brief style is recommended for young athletes who are already comfortable wearing briefs. The brief is the most simple supporter garment offered by XO Athletic, and can even be worn as normal briefs. 

XO Boxer Brief Athletic Supporter

Boxer Brief Supporters

Athletic boxer briefs combine the style of the compression short and traditional brief into a single athletic supporter. These boxer briefs are designed with a cup pouch to help hold everything in place and versions are available which utilize the patented SmartJoc cup retention system. Shorter than compression shorts, yet longer than the brief, athletic boxer briefs are a great supportive solution for any athlete.

 Xo Athletic Compression Shorts

Athletic Compression Shorts

 XO Athletic compression shorts are available as normal compression shorts, or with the SmartJOC™ cup stabilizing system. Compression shorts have quickly become the prefered athletic supporter for athletes the world over. XO also offers Hockey specific compression shorts, custom made for the special needs of hockey players and their equipment. 

 XO Athletic MMA Fight Short

MMA Fight Short Supporter

The MMA fight short supporter is a MMA specific athletic supporter which utilizes the SmartJOC cup stabilizing system. Fight shorts have a smaller inseam and are built from a stronger compression material than normal compression shorts. These MMA shorts can be used with or without a cup and are prefered over the longer compressions shorts by many athletes.

 Xo Athletic Mesh Short Supporter

Loose Hockey Jock Supporter

Loose hockey jocks are hockey specific athletic supporters in the form of a loose mesh short  with athletic supporter cup pouch built in. These loose hockey jocks are available in XO Athletic specific colors - green or black.