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The XO Athletic Heart Shield was developed to help prevent sports related heart trauma and chest injuries to young athletes, particularly the injury know as commotio cordis. . Rather than design a chest protector to absorb the impact, which have failed in university conducted studies, the Heart Shield disperses impact energy, sending it away from the chest cavity. XO's heart guard uses superior grade plastics and elastomers for higher durability and protection compared to many foam solutions on the market. Independent lab testing has shown that the XO HeartShield reduced 40 mph impact injuries by an average of 53% - effectively reducing a 40 mph impact to only 19. Impact at the center of the HeartShield was further shown to reduce energy by a whooping 71% on average. Providing elite level protection and superior comfort, the XO Heart Shield is a piece of protective equipment that should be included in any young athletes closet.

Building the best impact protection means nothing if young athletes refuse to wear it. To solve this unique problem XO Athletic merged their chest protector with comfortable shirts and vests. The HeartShield not only provides superior protection, but will be comfortable, unobtrusive, and easy for your young athlete to wear.

X0 chest impact protection for young athletes
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