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XO Athletic protective merchandise consists of top of the line sports equipment for men and women, from youth to adult ages. XO has product lines in athletic protection for men, mouth guards, heart shields for young athletes, and compression supporter garments. Every product is designed to the highest research standards and crafted to stringent production requirements to produce a stylish, comfortable, and durable product. A majority of XO products are manufactured and assembled domestically to the highest standards. For more information on each of XO Athletic's products, please use the links below. 


XO Athletic Cup

Athletic Cups For Men

Athletic cups provide impact protection for men who engage in contact sports or require special protection in the field. XO Athletic offers three different series of cups: the ProCup Sports Cup, the X-Series Protective Cup, and the new AirCore line of athletic cups. Each XO cup is available as a stand alone product or with any number of athletic supporter options. Youth, Teen, and Adult sizes are available for each product line and sport specific gear is also available. 

Xo Athletic Supporter

Athletic Supporters

Athletic supporters place and hold athletic cups into place and come in a variety of styles. Not content to simply follow other's lead when it came to cup supporters, XO Athletic developed and patented the SmartJoc cup retention system. The SmartJoc independently holds an athletic cup in place, regardless of the wearers movement, providing constant protection. XO Athletic offers supporter jocks, briefs, boxer briefs, fight shorts, and compression shorts - in each of youth, teen, and adult sizes. 

XO Athletic Supporter

Chest and Heart Protectors

Chest Protectors are a recently introduced piece of sports equipment made to combat the potentially fatal commotio cordis injury. These protectors are still optional in baseball and softball, but are highly recommended for young players of every sport who are at risk of this injury. If you would like to learn more about this injury and the XO Heart Shield please browse our resources on the topic here.