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The brand X0 Athletic was founded in 2003 - X0's on going mission is to create truly innovative sports protection/sports medicine products for weekend warriors to professional athletes that:


  • Protect better 
  • Are low profile and comfortable to wear 
  • Look great


The ultimate goal is to increase usage of sports protection equipment on the field.


X0 established itself in sports protection behind it’s patented flex-sided X0 ProCup™ introduction in 2003. X0 pioneered the advances found in nearly all athletic cups today, from 2Shot™ molding for exceptional comfort, to colored cups, Teen and PeeWee sizes for proper fit, providing a color coded sizing chart on all packaging to help consumers shop at the shelf. X0 is now leveraging its authentic innovation into other sports protection categories to provide athletes with comfortable, low profile sports protection.


X0 has raised the bar for sports protection by driving technology advances and consistently delivering innovative products that work -



X0 ProCup™ – In April 2003, using patented 2Shot™ technology, X0 launched “The Most Comfortable Cup You Can Buy” (the first flex sided cup & supporter program) - it quickly became the #1 selling athletic cup in America.


X0 Heartshield™ – Patented tripod hard protective shield (Apex and PC8 Technology) bridges the heart cavity – channels impact energy away from critical sternum area – shield is molded onto vest via soft elastomer.


X0 I.D. Mouthguard - the first custom color mouthguard – comes with 8 color inserts, leverages patented X0 INSRT™ technology, users can match his/her team color.


X0 XSeries™“Extreme Athletic Protection" - Called PC8™, X0's hard insert formulation creates an athletic cup providing over 5X more strength than traditional athletic cups - it can withstand the most severe impacts, without deforming.


SMARTJOC™ - A truly revolutionary integrated supporter system for performance garments - the simple 3 point cup stablizing system keeps an athletic cup in proper position, up and close to body all game long!